HI, I have a question about the best practice for setting up Webaccess. We currently have webaccess setup on the same server as 2 PO's, an MTA the GWIA and it has the primary domain as well. We are running GW 8.02 on netware 6.5 SP7.

We are constantly having issues with what seems to be webaccess crashing the server. We want to move it to its own server. We had it setup on its own server in the past but it did not have its own domain. It connected to the server holding the primary domain. It was really stable until the old server hosting webaccess crashed and we moved it to its current home.

From what I've been researching the best way to set this up would be to install the Webaccess application and agent on its own server and in its own domain. Is this what everyone here would recommend or is there another setup that someone has to suggest?

Thanks in advance.