We have our mail hosted by our isp at cbm-law.us. In our office, we have
a server running NW 6.5 server and BM 3.8 w/ all current patches. All of
our incoming e-mail seem to receive okay and most outgoing send okay.

However, on selected e-mail addresses (xxx@aol.com) among them, our mail
does not go out and we get a bounce message that includes the following:

Received: from []Mon, 03 Apr 2006 18:27:32 GMT
X-Authentication-Warning: [] received HELO command without
domain name
Message-ID: <001901c6574c$3ba46b80$0b0aa8c0@JBEUHLER>

The is my current privete LAN static IP here on my office

I checked the Bordermanager settings through NWAdmin in the BorderManger
Setup for the mail proxy and the primary, internal and POP3 settings all
are correct as per our ISP.

I can go onto the net through IE6 and log directly onto the isp's
xxx.com/webmail site and successfully send to the addresses in question so
I figure it must be something internal on my LAN