Hello everbody,

I have a Problem with the Inventory Management in ZCM 10.3. (possible maybe only an understanding Problem...)

I Installed the ZCM in our testing Lab. In this scenario i have 1 ZCM Server, 2 Server and 4 Workstations with several Software Products on the Maschines.

After installing the ZCM Server i deploy the Adaptive Agent on 1 Server and 3 Workstations. After the Discovery Run i have 49 Software Products in my Inventory.

Next Day i installed the AdminStudio 9.5 on a client and an Instance of SQL Express 2008 on the ZCM server to deploy packages via ZCM. After a reboot of the ZCM the Inventorylist of the ZCM ist empty and the 49 Software Products are lost?

When i deploy the Agent to a new Client, the Asset Management count the Softwareinstallations and display it to the Server, but the 49 lost Entries are away.

Where are the Software Entries?

Is it possible that the Installation of the SQL Express 2008 (i installed it only for the Bundle Catalog) kicks the Inventory data?

I See the Software in the Inventory Report, but i have no chance to configure the Software-Use in the Asset Management.