I'm looking to deploy a Novell client update across our site soon and am currently testing out the new version for bugs. I have found that when there is an existing Novell Client 2 SP1 IR3 install on the system under some circumstances when I install the IR4 I'm finding that the network adapter is then disabled randomly after a system restart on some system. You can re-enable it but then after power has been cut to the network adapter on the system it then occurs again. This is happening on a random selection of 20 machines.

I have found that by uninstalling the IR3 client, then restarting, then uninstalling NICI and then installing the new IR4 version this then solves the problem suggesting that either NICI isn't being replaced properly or that the new IR4 is messing with some old settings despite the unattend file being set to replace all SLP and LDAP settings as required. If I install IR4 on a system which has not previously had the Novell client 2 SP1 any IR version then it is fine showing that it is a problem relating to some part of it.

Can anyone offer up any advice to solve this problem or will any live machines running the IR3 version have to be manually worked through the above steps to make IR4 work correctly? Is this a problem with NICI or the Novell Client itself?