I have a strange problem with my Border Manager 3.5 sp3 server running on
Netware 5.1 sp5. The problem is a steady stream of inbound traffic from
the internet to the NIC on the internet side, but no traffic continuing on
our internal NIC. This traffic is incoming only and only continues after a
busy internet load by users. I found out about this problem about 4 months
back when I setup a MRTG traffic graphing server which displays current
and history network traffic on all T1 lines and traffic on server NICs.
When I view both NIC graphs on the BM3.5 server at the same time after a
busy internet day, the incoming NIC is showing a higher bandwidth which
will continue with a steady level which sometimes goes up to 300kbps
400kbps of steady traffic caused by the BM3.5 server. The only thing that
I have found to temporarily stops this traffic is to unload and load the
proxy, which fixes it for a day or two until it starts back again. My only
guess is that the BM3.5 server might have a failure while trying to update
internet cache or something like that. I am also getting the following
error in the console screen (ACLCHECK Get IP addr failed for hostname:

Any help would be very helpful