I have a support case opened up on this but wanted to see if anyone else had this issue. We have OES2 running on a VM. The data is on a iScsi Equallogic SAN, file system vmfs. Just recently we have had issues with files on the SAN. We use Cview to run crystal reports, people can browse to the file location see the file and then click open. When that happens they get an error that there is no report there, if they copy it to their local drive it works fine. Also if they attach a document to a email, it attaches but gives a size of 0 and opens a blank document, Groupwise is also virtualized. This problem so far seem to come and go, on one day the files dont work and then the next day they do. Novell seems to think this issue is client related but not sure. It all started after we patched the OES2 server to be current. Just wondering if anyone else had this problem and if so how did it get resolved.