Greetings all,

First off, our Novell certified tech as left for greener pastures and so we are left to pick up the ball when something goes wrong so I appoligize for my lack of knowledge when it comes to Novell and Zenworks.

I need to allow terminal logins for all users and workstations for use with our N-Computing virtual desktops. Right now, only Admins and remote users are allowed access and only when they are logged into the host computer, can everyone else login. How can I set up Zenworks group policies to allow every computer access to terminal services? I can set the host manually and everything works fine, but as soon as I restart the computer, Zenworks over rides the changes I made. We are using Zenworks, I've been using ConsoleOne to edit the package and have everything set right in there, but for whatever reason the policy is not being applied to the computer it is associated with.