After reading every TID, Craig Johnson's site, and every bit of docu i
could get my hands on is still have problems using BM 3.8 SP4.
My setup is as follows:
NW6.5 SP3
BM Server has 3 cache volumes of 4 gigs installaed locally (traditional
FS, 8 KB blocks etc.)

The problem is that the cache volumes just won't flush files. The
"connections awaiting teardown" stays on about 1500 when there is
activity but i have no clue if this has something to do with it.

Every day i have to unload BM and reload it using the -cc option to
manually empty the cache volumes... Isn't there a fix fot this problem
as i am beginning to get completely irritated and clueless... Can
someone please try yo help me?
Thanks in advance!