I have to migrate our GW to a big new Linux box (oes2).
Used Danitas gwmove guide
First I moved mta and gwia last weekend.
Also last weekend I ran a first copy of the PO, using a ncpmount and dbcopy.
This copy took about 15 hours for about 300GB but it finished ok.
Since them whenever I try to run a second copy with

- cd /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin
- ./dbcopy -t1 -k -v -m -o -w <source> <dest> &

it starts copying some files and stops after some seconds.
Checking the the ncpmount shows it stalling/dead.
I already changed the ncpmount parameters to

- ncpmount -t 620 -r 40 -S nwgw02 -A -U <user> -P <pw> <path>

But it doesnt help.
Also rebooted both machines.
Both are connected directly to our coreswitch with a !GB Link.
So now I dont know how I could get the migration finished.

Any Help?