I've been all over these forums today trying to deal with some fallout with my datasync system and I'm starting to think it is a matter of just not knowing enough about it.

To say email synchronization is slow is an understatement. In my own inbox my mobile's most recent item is from 11 AM and my inbox currently shows 6 new items in the roughly 3 hours since my phone last updated.

When I look at my account's details I've been seeing 191 converted items syncing to device for the last few hours, and 173 items synced to device. I've restarted the datasync server several times and have reinitialized my account several times (hours apart from each other) throughout the day, and every time I am not getting my most recent messages, usually the past couple of hours. This is happening across all of my user's accounts. Whenever I force my device to sync it doesn't find any new items either.

What needs to happen to get these phones to obtain the current messages? It is getting pretty frustrating restarting and reinitializing every few hours hoping that this time everything will fully sync. Thanks.