We are in the process of migrating to SLES/OES. Our Secodary GW domain & GWAVA are running on SLES xen vm's and it is now time to move the main file server and primary GW domain/PO. Since we are also running out of space on the main server I'm thinking about introducing a NAS, migrating the data to the NAS and then setting up a new SLES server to become the main server accessing data on the NAS. Questions:
1. What iSCSI NAS should I use (about 1 TB) that will temporarily work with the NW6.5sp8 server but also work with the SLES/OES server?
2. I'm under the impression that NSS volumes will only work on SCSI RAID 5 NAS systems not SATA or any other, is this correct?
3. Once the migration has taken place, how does SLES/OES iSCSI perform?
Thanks for your help.