Here's the problem I'm trying to figure out.

In our environment the user naming standards are as follows:

eDir account: last name first initial (e.g., SmithJ)

GW account: first name space last name (e.g., John Smith)

GW email address: first name period last name (e.g.,

So, the process I'm using to add a new user is as follows: (no other combination seems to work)

1. Add eDir account to GW Moblity admin webpage (SmithJ)
2. Populate the "Application User Name" field on the admin webpage with the GW account name (John Smith)
3. From the phone use email address of "john" (with the space, doesn't work with a period)
4. Register phone / sync mail.

The main problem is that when a user sends a message it shows the space in the email address "from" field. I want it to show the correct email address with the period.

Any ideas?