Hi Forum,

i have to restore some Folders and their Mails. I am doing this via Reload. in this case i want to connect to reload (running 8.0.2 agents) create a caching box and archive the missing mails, connect to GW live system and restore them from archive.

Problem is, that i get only errors while archiving mails from reload:
"Serious Problem, abort transaction"
I run several gwchecks on the caching box and the archive with no advancement.
GWCheck on the caching box shows me several erros like this (only german):
          Fehler 83- Nachricht wurde nicht archiviert
            - Betreff:   FOO
            - Von:   BAR
            - Datum:   Jan 25, 2004
            - Datum des ersten Archivierungsversuchs:   Nov 10, 2010
            - Anzahl der Archivierungsversuche:   2
            - Anzahl der Fehler beim letzten Archivierungsversuch:   0xC050
I can acces the messages where i get the "unable to archive" error, also i can open attachements like some execl sheets. IMHO the messages which can't be archvied seems to be fine to me.

What else can i do to archive about 5000 mails with one click like described in the documentation?