Im hoping you guys can help me out with something here. I have a server (Server03) that Im taking out of the tree as its the old Zen7 server. No problem there. I took it out and brought it down. Shortly after though, I realized that our RADIUS authentication stops working and the RADIUS logs are showing entries that suggest ldap requests are timing out. After some troubleshooting I turn Server03 back on and radius auth starts working again, albeit slow - 2-3 seconds with some timeouts. And sure enough, if I stop networking on Server03 radius auth stops it and it works again. The thing is that Server03 isnt in the RADIUS config at alll! We use Server02 as our LDAP server and thats what it config'd for radius. So it looks like this:

Wireless Controller --> RADIUS (on Server02) --> LDAP (on Server02)

but for some reason, this seems to be the case:

Wireless Controller --> RADIUS (on Server02) --> LDAP (on Server02) --> Server03

I had eDir removed from Server03 so I thought Id put in back on to see what happens. After putting it on RADIUS auth requests went from 2000-3000 ms to 30ms, consistently. So, something is definitely referring to Server03.

I grep'd in /etc/raddb for anything relating to Server03 and came up with nothing. So I turned to Server02 and did the same thing for /etc. The only thing I could find that relates to Server03 is in the nam.conf file, which sets the preferred-server to Server03 (IP addy). Could this be what is bringing Server03 into the mix here? I tried going on Server02 to check the OES config in YaST, but when I do I get the package list, click Next then it closes. It doesnt go to the reconfigure OES window like the rest of the servers.

I realize this is a somewhat odd situation, but Id appreciate anything anybody can help me out with here. I dont think this is a radius config issue, but more of an LDAP/eDir thing.

SLES10.3 w/ OES2 SP2
Radius is v2