I want to Rename a client PC locally - fine, done.

In Zen 7, I could unreg then rereg the PC and pass the required name in the reg parameter.
In Zen 10, I can't do that, can I?

So in Zen 10, I tick the Device Dynamic Rename and the device is automatically renamed.
However, it remains in the original Zen container.

If the name has changed, it needs to change container.
We place registered computers in containers based on their machine name.
We use registration rules to do this action when the PC is registered.

So, is there a way to automate the move to another container?
Can this action be performed with a command from the client in question?

I want to do all this in one swift move.
The PC local renaming does require a reboot, but I want to rename/move it in Zen before the reboot. If I unreg and then reg again it picks up the old name.