Hi We have got a server that is on old hardware and we want to migrate it to
new hard when but when we are using the netware migration wizard we keep
getting the same error

Error '(You may be able to look in SYS\SYSTEM\MIGERROR.LOG file on the
destination and/or source server for more information about this error.)
SMSConnOpen Xfffefff0 - NWSMDR error: The specified TSA does not exist.'
occurred attempting to open the connection to the SMDR from server 'BORDER'
to server 'PREMIG'. Make sure the TSA and SMDR nlms are loaded on the source
and destination servers. If SLP is not configured, you may need to edit the
destination server's SYS:ETC/HOSTS file, and insert an entry for the source
(include IP address and server name). See the Troubleshooting section in
the user documentation for possible solutions to this connection error.

I have had a look online and tried it again by reloading tsafs /cluster and
we still get the same error

I have also put the IP's and server names in the host file's before we
started to do the migration and they can both then ping each others server

Is that anything else anyone can recommend ?

If you need any more information let me know wasnt sure what would be needed