We've raised an SR with Novell to get advice regarding our environment and loads on GroupWise.

We are about to go live with 500 users across 5 Post Offices. 2 of the post offices are large with about 200 smartphone users each, the rest have about 20 each.

We are not just going live with 400+ Mobility users but also about 100 blackberry users on BES 5, also using SOAP.

The recommendations included:
- Reduce the SOAP load by not having too many mobile servers
- Do not split POAs for SOAP only (This will get you corruption/inconsistence in the database)
- Make sure the latest available code is used to avoid SOAP issues
- Split users into different POAs

With my numbers and the recommendation of 100-150 users per server I am looking at 3 Mobility servers plus the Blackberry server. I also wanted to split users between Mobility servers by username rather than site in case a server were to fail.

My question is what happens when you pass 150 users? Do you experience slow downs? Corruptions in database? Does better hardware have any effect?