Dear All,

We are running ZCM 10.3.1 embedded sybase with around 900 win7/xp machines on 2 primary servers (one mainly doing database stuff and the other for auth, patches etc). I've noticed our Database is steadily growing. It is 2.6GB at the moment. We are running these on Windows 2008 standard 32bit.

First question. Is this database large in an environment such as this? We have been adding more and more machines lately (gone from 650-900 in 2 weeks)

Secondly I've seen this link:

NOVELL: Downloads - ZCM 10.3.1 Zone performance degrades as zOSTarget table grows - see TID 7006967

Should I apply this? I did attempt it but when trying to connect via dbisql I get an error message of the database is open (even though I've stopped Zen monitor and Zen Server). I stop the zen embedded service and I get an error of invalid username and password when I use the credentials from the file.

Also, with searching on the forums I found this:

The zStatusEvent and zObjectInfo tables may grow extremely large over time

Should I run this procedure on a 10.3.1 server?

Any suggestions will be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Matt Taylor