Hello everyone,

Prodcuts in Novell family except the Linix are new to me. Now I woud like to ask you some basic knowledge about the Netware.
As I know, netware platform is very different from Windos and Linux. My understanding is that netware is the 'based-web-administered' system.

Now I don't have the rights of Admin, because our senior IT are based in the overseas. So I can't get access to imanager or ConsoleOne to administer netware system.

So I really want to know - is there any way in which I can do the 'delete' actions at the netware console, very similar to DEL in Windows or RM in Linux?

And at the same time, I am very confused that how can I change directory path at netware console. Is there a tool to be very similar to 'cd' ? I know netware can support Bash shell, and in Bash, I can use the cd to change path under '/' or the 'sys' volume, but how can I change the path between different volumes, such as between the volumes - SYS, LOGS and CACHE ?

Can any experts give me some instructions on the above?

I will appreciate indeed for any replies.