Netware 6.5 SP4

A number of users are having issues with no being able to log into BM.

They get the login screen, enter their username and password and receive
'Login Failed'.

I've tried resetting their password, adding them to different BM group for
authentication and still doesn't work.

Some users don't log into Netware by default and only have a eDir account
for BM, so when their password expires they aren't prompted to change it
thus they are then not able to get in.
They contact our Helpdesk and get the password reset.

SSL notification has been turned off in the PROXY.cfg file as numerous staff
were receiving a message stating that their grace logins were expiring, but
in fact hadn't.
Some users were not able to login stating that they had no grace logins
remaining. When I checked their eDir account all was fine.

I've checked DS and ran numerous repairs. No errors found.

The BM server does have the necessary replica's.
The users were able to login earlier in the day.
The server has been restarted.

I've tested this with a few accounts known to have a problem and my own
account (which is working).

Any ideas?