When new client soft became available we all see during login into iFolder client that it offer upgrade. Ok, but seems to be a problem that iFolder tried to upgrade client also for users who have not admin rights! Seems to be a bad idea! Yes, I'm aware there is a file in server where is written client version for checking, but ... for offering upgrade is nothing bad about, it is bad when upgrade is offered and completed and ... after start happen a problems because it wasn't actually completed. Or should it be ok! We don't have many iF3 users (mostly still on 2.x) and I have warned user do not upgrade when it was offered, but still ... for one user seems to be lost context menus, ok, for another ... seems to client start to act strangely! (Please see thread http://forums.novell.com/novell-prod...ot-upload.html.) Not 99% sure upgrade connected, but seems to that way.
So, if admin rights is required for iFolder client setup (on Windows) upgrade should not ignore that.
Also, probably is reasonable to have some options to switch this kind of upgrade-offering on/off and selectively.
Well, second thing is probably some feature request (bad desing), first one - if I'm correct, hope not - bug.
More thanks, Alar.