Hello everybody,
we got a little Problem rolling out our Windows GroupWise Clients by ZCM10.

I tried the following Setups:

1. Executing the groupwise.msi directly from our GroupWise Server.
-Works fine but keep getting the following error message: Unable to locate an interface language dll. The dll is named gwshl1xx.dll (xx stands for the language, in our case it would be German).
I searched the folder on the Server and found the dll in it.

2. Copying the complete GroupWise client install folder to our clients an run the groupwise.msi from the local disk as an dynaminc administrator. Same Problem here like in Number 1.

Ive searched the forum for topics and found a few but there was no solution fixing it.
I hope you can help me fixing this problem because we need to roll out the client in a few days. Also sorry for my bad english, but im from Germany.

Thanks for your help everybody.

Jochen Schumm from Germany