I have following problem with my BM 3.8 proxy server:
I have secondary IP address configured on BM 3.8 private interface (first
address , secondary
When I using this adress in IE proxy settings and try access for example
http://www.film.com, IE redirects me to
https://www.film.com/nps/servlet/web...kId=fw.Startup always adds
nps/servlet/webacc?taskId=fw to the end of entered site and replace http
with https.
I received message: Method not allowed!
The CONNECT method is not allowed for the requested URL.

If you think this is a

It' ossur only with Ip when I configuring secondary ipaddress
in the same way, but different, lets say - all working fine!!!

It is important for me, if this will work with address,
becouse this address is configured in IE proxy settings in all our
computer classes. We also choose to configure this IP as secondary Ip
address for easy and quickly change proxy server when any issue oscured.

Is it any idea ?

Thank you in advance,