Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone knew what causes a bundle to flag itself as being effective or not?

I have a bundle which upgrades smart card software on our machines, it calls several other bundles, java, identity agent, and a few other patches and reg fixes.

I've been testing on two virtual machines, both install fine, with no errors, however neither tick the box showing they've been effective. On the 2nd virtual machine it tries to run the bundle again, which it can't as I've set it to once only, but its a pain as its going to generate an error on each machine each time the device is refreshed (as I've set to launch when refreshed) and we have around 800 machines.

It leaves this warning in the logs:

BUNDLE.RunOnceWarning: The bundle "Smart Card Upgrade" did not launch as it is configured to "Run Once" and has already ran before.

I'm trying to work out how Zen launches and installs things, perhaps I've set it up incorrectly as I have the bundles all called from the launch tab, not the install tab. That was mostly because I have a user prompt, for the user to accept or decline the install (up to 10 times) but if I called the bundles from the install tab, it never triggered again.

As from what I saw you can set a distribution schedule and launch schedule but no install schedule. So if I set it to install on distribution, if the user clicked no, there would be nothing to trigger the bundle installing a 2nd time.

I'd be really grateful if anyone had any ideas or best practices for this sort of thing?