Not sure if this is a cluster problem or an nds problem, so I'll post in edir forum if I need to.

One of my cluster resources got stuck in NDS Sync status today. I was able to resolve it with TID 7002443, but I'd like to try to figure out what happened. I've seen a couple of posts, but the circumstances look different.

We're on oes2 sp2. I last updated both nodes about 2 weeks ago.

A user called this morning because she couldn't log in (XP w/ client 4.91 sp5). First she got an nmas error, then "server out of resources". I tried consoleone and got the same type of message. Server 1 was hosting cluster resources 1, 2,3 and server 2 was hosting resources 4,5. Resource 1 became inaccessible, all others seemed fine. When I moved resource 1 to server 2, it went comatose. When I tried to online it to server 2, it was in nds sync status, so I could only offline at that point. By the way, server 2 was the master ip resource.

I moved everything I could to server 1 and restarted server 2 per the TID. Seems ok now, but it hasn't been back up long.

I have the messages log, but it's too long to post even with most of the duplicated entries removed.