Hi - GW801 here.

I'm trying to get a report of all users whose mailboxes are over their size
limits. From C1, on the PO I run mailbox maintenance -> mailbox
statistics -> expire statistics -> reduce mailbox to limited size.

Only sent, received and calendar entries are selected.

However the report lists a huge number of messages to expire for each user
even when it reports their mailbox sizes are smaller than the limits. In
result, the report is enormous and it's impossible to go through it (100s of

Running the same thing on an individual acount gets the same results. For

Items to be deleted in order to get down to 102400 kbytes total:

62646 kbytes in use by user's mail

Type From To Date Size Drn

------ ---------------- ---------------- -------------- --------------- ---

and there follows pages of message details - even though the mailbox size is
smaller than the limit. Is this a bug?

Is there an easier way to get this info?