I need help please.
Just migrated our Groupwise Server from Netware to Linux. To avoid
problems I followed the guide from Danita Zanre how to do such migration
After the migration of the PostOffice I ran into problems with our
external document storage location. Even when following Danitas guide my
system seems to not fully aknowledge any changes in the properties of
the storage area.
So when I try to open documents now, using the migrated POA I always get
C05D errors at the poa and client.
Because the MTA submitted about 3000 mails right after I opened the new
POA first time I cannot go back.
So I need help how to resolve this problem please, because we have about
25.000 documents stored in this area.
I changed the properties back to the netware server and see the poa
getting this changes, but the problem remains.

Dont know what else I can do to get it working?