Hi all,

I have an unusual problem regarding yahoo messenger.

In my company we have BM3.8.4 ir3a used for proxy and vpn.

Some users on my lan use yahoo istant messaging for work.

These users donít have the default gateway in your workstation configuration
so they must use proxy server for internet access and messaging.

Naturally also the messenger configuration has been set to use proxy. All
was good until some days ago, when suddendly they are not more able to send
messages. They login into the yahoo environment and are able to see all the
available other users in your buddy list. They see also the users status at
the moment.. But after this all remain freezed.

There is no more update situation regarding the users in the buddy list . My
users send messages but the other users do not receive them and viceversa.

Without proxy and with default gateway configuration yahoo messenger runs
without problem.

Now, I did not add any kind of filters. Some days ago I have tuned the proxy
cache environment following Craigís book but this cannot be the reason of
the problem. I tried also a new access rule opening the tcp port from 5050
to 5100 but always without success. The BM servers has been rebooted last
time two weeks ago and I am having the problem since 2 o 3 days.

Do you have an idea ?

Thanks for your help, and sorry my english and my long message.