1.) What might be the side effects of doing what that TID advices?

2.) In case something should go wrong in the recreation process, is a backup of that
folder sys:\system\certserv\ sufficent to restore the previous state?

This is a NW6.5.8 server that's hosting the CA for years without problems. The first
issue I recognized was, that a new NW-658-server installed from the scratch couldn't
create it's SSL certificates. (Thread started Nov. 2nd, "pkidiag Error...")

Any additional input appreciated, Regards, Rudi.

[cite TID 7002686]
Error 49934 when attempting to create a certificate.

Attempting to upgrade or migrate a NetWare 5.1 server to NetWare 6.5 SP8.

During the migration there were some errors, however the migration completed

Note: After the migration, an attempt to install iManager 2.7 failed. Further
investigation showed that although the Tree CA was recreated and its keys would
validate, no new certificates could be created. Error 49934 would be returned from
ConsoleOne and could also be seen in DSTrace with the +PKI flag.

Deleting the SYS:\SYSTEM\certserv directory on the migrated server will resolve the
problem. This MUST be done on the server that is the host for the Tree CA object.
You can determine the host for the Tree CA by looking at the details of the tree CA
object, either from just browsing to it in the Security container, or from the
Novell Certificate Server role, select the Configure Certificate Authority task, and
on the General tab, it will show the host server for the CA.

Once you delete or rename the certserv directory, unload and reload PKI.nlm on the
server hosting the Tree CA.
Now, on the next attempt to create new certificates, Certificate Server (PKI) will
recreate the certserv directory and database files that are needed.

Thx for your reply.