Hi there,
GW801 on SLES10 sp2 OES2 sp1. GWIA is 802hp1

Junk mail is enabled at the GWIA. I have added the appropriate entry in the
list of spam x-headers and can confirm it's in the xspam.cfg. I've also
manually added the --xspam line to gwia.cfg and can see it loaded in the
GWIA log file

Now, for testing I can set up a rule on our spam gateway (external) to add
an x-header and have done so. So that any email coming in from my home email
is flagged up. The x-header is:

X-Reject: maybe

And I can see it in the received email. I've copied and pasted this line
into the GWIA Junk mail x-headers section in C1 - so I know there's no typo.

I've enabled junk mail handling for my GW account. Junk list is enabled, as
is the block list. The PAB and Calendar entries are disabled. I have reset
the client options for my account oin C1 and I can see the settings on my
client. No other users have junk mail enabled.

But all email from my home account is getting through to the inbox and is
not getting junked. I can manually add my address to the junk list and block
lists with the appropriate results - but it's the GWIA managed x-header
stuff that isn't working.

Any reports of a bug for GW801? I can't find anything. Is there a way I can
debug the junk mail handling on the POA? Any suggestions of what next to

Many thanks