GW 8.0.2HP1 Server running on OES Linux 32-Bit
GW 8.0.1 Client running on XP 32-Bit
Notifylink on-premise Server 4.6.18

Short Question: Is there a way I can turn on logging for a sepecific user to see eveything going on with their account?

Long explanation of the user and the problem (read only if you must)

History of user:
I have a user that has had previous issues with their contacts and now has moved to issues with their Calendar. The contacts would disappear and it was random contacts not all at once. I had at the time opened up a SR Ticket and we ran db repairs and gw check repairs and finally found that the accounts were getting renames as blank users, so when I exported the Address Book there was about 600 "blank" labeled contacts at the bottom of her Address book. Cleaned those out and figured we were good to go, about a month after closing the SR she was back to loosing random contacts...well I wasn't going to open another SR and I was past the 14 day grace period to re-open the ticket. So I repeated the steps and cleaned it out again. One thing that I found the second time was that her assistant was adding the names into her addressbook via the user sharing out her address book. So I changed that to giving the assistant proxy access to the user and then add the users through proxy mode directly.

About 1/2 of her Calendar events are gone, 3 just for today. On Friday afternoon her assistant was in her Calendar and they were all there. Monday morning...1/2 of them are gone. There is no pattern on the events that are gone. Some are re-occuring meeting invites, some she has had her assistant enter, some she has entered from her iPhone. My first though is that maybe there is something with the iPhone or the Notifylink Server for this account. I'm also trying to find out if I can setup the iPhone as read only for Contacts and Calendar events, maybe something got messed up with the communication and the iPhone deleted the that is why I was looking for enhanced logging just for that specific user...