today ive found out that with the latest release of the netware client for windows 7 (IR4) im not able to give rights to folders that are hosted on an OES2 Cluster.Every time i want to set a right it goes normally untill i press the "Ok" Button.Then the name of the userobject that ive chosen disapear and only the checkboxes of the rights are staying.Ive found out that this only happens on my cluster volumes and only with the IR4 client version.On other NSS volumes everything works fine (OES2 Server with local NSS volumes, Netware 6 SP8 Server with NSS volumes).With an XP Workstation also everything is working fine on that cluster.

After a while ive decided to downgrade my client to IR3 and the problem is gone now.I can handle rights like usual.That means that something has been changed inside the IR4 version for handling files on clustered volumes.

Can anyone else confirm this problem ?

System is Windows 7 Professional 64bit.
Server is SLES10SP3 with OES2SP2a including latest patches.
eDirectory is 8.8.5 FTF4