I have the following problem, maybe someone can give me some help:
We have Open Enterprise Server 2 and we have some normal SLES 11 servers.
We make ncpmounts to mount the nss volumes to the SLES 11 servers.
Normally this works, but sometimes it does not.
This mounts stay for days, weeks. It can happen that - when I want to access an nss volume file from linux - everything hangs, the whole putty session, I have to make a new putty session.
When I want to umount I get the error message - "device is busy". When I now unmount with
"umount -l" and mount again everything is ok again.
I want to test if the mount is ok IN A SCRIPT before I access a file on the nss volume. If I do a "stat" on a file on the nss volume the script hangs, so this does not work.
Thank you in advance