Im not shure if Im in the right forum, but if not maybe the admin can move this topic. Thanks!

Do you have any experience with managing printers with zcm.
Maybe manage is the wrong word.

What I want to do is the following:

I want to see all my network printers (about 200) in zenworks.
For every printer I want to edit information like waranty date, costs, vendor. Also location and department where the printer is installed and primary user.

I want to search for the printer by its name or its ip-address and I want to create reports like:
all my printers.

The only think I could do was to discover the network printers with zcm.
But as far as I could see, its even not possible to search for discovered items. :-(

Im using zcm 10.3 and also asset management 10.

For me it seams that zenworks asset management is managing only PC assets and Software/Contract of these assets.

But what about alle the other IT-assets?

Is there anyone else dealing with that?
I would like to manage (doing inventory and creating reports) of ALL of my assets.
My goal is to create reports of all UPS in the network, all Switches and so on.

Maybe there is someone who could give me some hints???