We,ve got an strange problem.
i've created an imaging bundle with an normal image (8gb) and an addon-image.
We want to deploy it with PXE boot and use "Device Imaging Work Assignment" with IPadres because the device isn't registrated yet.

When we boot the notebook with PXE is starts imaging but at about 80% it crashe"s:
i've get 2 lines of comments:
1) Received an unknown packet from the images server
2) Zenworks Imaging failed with error 50.

I found on the internet that error 50 is: Partition size requested will not fit on disk (not enough space on drive).

This warning doens't make any sence because we took the image from the same device.
When i boot PXE and start the maintenance menu (CTRL +ALT) and start the imaging by commentline then i don't get any errors.

But starting from the command line will not work for us, because we want to use add-on images.

We are using SLES 10, and ZCM 10.3.1, can someone help us, because we want to deploy Windows 7.