Since upgrading from Groupwise 7 (netware 6.5) to Groupwise 8 (Windows Server 2008) we have a problem with 1 of the 3 poa's we are running. According the logfile of our POA server it looks like the POA is crashing when reaching GWTCP-GWAS-Handler_99. At that point Groupwise clients are freezing and other clients are unable to connect. Only a restart of our POA server will solve this issue.

We have done several things to fix this problem like running GWchecks on all mail-environments, disable SOAP, disable GMS, disable BES, without any luck. We ran our POA on a VMware environment, but to exclude any problems in this environment and in our Windows environment, we did a reinstall on a new physical machine. Unfortunately the problem came back again within a few days.

Below you will find a shot from the logfile with the handler-thread after which we have to reboot our server to fix this issue.

Does anyone knows how to fix this issue?!

08:19:42 7F4 *** STARTED 1 HANDLER THREADS ***
08:19:42 F70 Starting GWTCP-GWAS-Handler_92
08:19:46 7F4 *** STARTED 1 HANDLER THREADS ***
08:19:46 420 Starting GWTCP-GWAS-Handler_93
08:19:50 7F4 *** STARTED 1 HANDLER THREADS ***
08:19:50 39C Starting GWTCP-GWAS-Handler_94
08:19:53 7F4 *** STARTED 1 HANDLER THREADS ***
08:19:53 890 Starting GWTCP-GWAS-Handler_95
08:19:57 7F4 *** STARTED 1 HANDLER THREADS ***
08:19:57 13C Starting GWTCP-GWAS-Handler_96
08:20:00 7F4 *** STARTED 1 HANDLER THREADS ***
08:20:00 D9C Starting GWTCP-GWAS-Handler_97
08:20:04 7F4 *** STARTED 1 HANDLER THREADS ***
08:20:04 61C Starting GWTCP-GWAS-Handler_98
08:20:07 7F4 *** STARTED 1 HANDLER THREADS ***
08:20:07 F64 Starting GWTCP-GWAS-Handler_99