So here is the situation. While attempting to troubleshoot an issue with the gwodm132.dll error message popping up when a user tried to use their office apps, I attempted to uninstall GroupWise 8.02.

When I attempted to remove it from add/remove programs, this of course did not work. Everytime I attempted to run the setup it, the install wizard would only allow me the options of Remove/or Repair. I ran our version of GW Cleaner 7, but still, no difference, so quite foolishly, without backing up the registry, I went in and deleted all keys referencing Groupwise. Still no change, though it did appear to re-install the client, however, when I attempt to run GroupWise I recieve an error message that indicates that it has been corrupted and it will not open the application.

I again tried to remove the application, but with no luck. Is there any way to completely remove GroupWise 8.02 completely and cleanly from the PC at this stage and do a clean install?

Thank you,