I'm trying to create an Image from wich we can boot 5 Citrix machines , Using Citrix provisioning services
The problem we have since version 10.3 of the agent , is that the citrix machines overwrite themselves in the ZCC.
For instance , I boot the first citrix machine , named CIT01 , and the machine is added in the ZCC as "CIT01" . All well so far , but when I boot another machine , CIT02 , the first machine gets overwritten in the ZCC and now I only have CIT02 in the ZCC.

what I have already tried :
1. deleting dir PreAgent
2. zac fsg
3. using ZISWIN.EXE , clearing Device GUID and Device ID , saving image-save data and not setting just imaged flag
4. adding reg key : AllowPassiveModeLoginOnServers
5. deleting C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\conf\devicedata and device
6. deleting C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\cache

all this in various different scenarios .
Result stays the same , only the last booted CITRIX server can be found in ZCC , and on the other CiTRIX machines I get alot of problems with the DLU . Even the Device DLU