Hi all,

we want to migrate our NCS Cluster to a new different Storage System.
Currently we are using a HP MSA 1510i iSCSI System and want to migrate to a
HP MSA 2312i (iSCSI). Our Cluster consists of two nodes OES2 SP 64 bit and
has two NSS Pools on it (Filesharing and Groupwise) and some clustered
native Linux Filsesystems (with EVMS) for some Linux Services.
What way should we go to migrate the data? If i map the new storage it will
get names like /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc1 and so on. But if i will remove the old
storage i believe the naming is different so my config will be corrupted.
So how can i exchange the storage without destroing my cluster. A downtime
is no problem.

I´m thankfull for all hints.