I work in a school and am the only machine that has Windows 7 (x64) - it is my personal machine. We had a power outage over the weekend and when I came to log in to our network, my computer no longer can see the tree, even when I physically type it in ( As a result, I cannot log in to our servers.

I had to turn off the pop up message window, because if I log in to the machine locally (bypassing the novell login), it pops up with a continuing increasing number of blank messages (over 800,000 and counting), thus hogging resources and not allowing me to do anything else.

I searched the forums and found out how to turn the pop-up window off, so I can now access the novell properties, etc...

The problem is, my tech person in the building is stumped as to what the issue could be. I uninstalled and reinstalled the client several times, even when logged in as the administrator of my machine (hidden Administrator account). I don't blame my tech guy for being stumped, but I am wondering if someone here could possibly point us in the right direction for solving this mysterious issue.

Occasionally I will get an internal error (the number is failing me now). We had the client working for a moment. My tech guy could log in fine, but I couldn't (it gave me the error). :-(

Any suggestions?


Mr. Brian L. Rigwald
Forest Lake, MN