I had to install a new virus-scanner ("EScan" instead of "Norman") and wanted to deploy it together with other workstation updates by using Zenworks imaging.
After copying the image to another workstation and restart I waited for Zenworks to do its final work (writing the original workstation name and others), but Zenworks doesn't start again and the new workstation uses the identy of the computer with the original image.

I tried many hints given by the Escan-support, e. g. setting the virus scanner in a complete inactive state before creating the image, or I made the change of the anti virus software the only change on the workstation, but its allways the same result. The new workstation reboots after imaging and no Zenworks will be shown.

Without Escan it runs well, but that is not a real alternative solution... At this time we install the program manually PC for PC...

Is there any suggestion, why Zenworks workstation preparation will not start after writing the image? Or if anyone can tell me, how Zenworks normally forces the process I can look, why Escan troubles this process.

Or are there any other ideas?