We recently upgraded our Backup Exec media server to a Windows platform and BUE 2010. With the change, we decided to also move to an online backup of our Groupwise system. Previously we had been performing an offiline backup .

Since moving to an online backup, we are getting reports of open files in the /ofuser/index folder. Usually between two and four each night, and usually the same files night to night. When I check the files through NRM, I can see the files are openened by the server without a lock. Is it safe to back up these open files with a lock?

I am using tsafs with the gw enable switch and tsafsgw, as per the latest GW documentation. In researching the open file problem, I ran into many old posts recommending the use of just tsafs ,with the gw enable switch, without a real explanation as to why. As I understand it, tsafsgw enables proper time stamping. Does just using tsafs, w/ gw enable, provide the same functionality?

My Groupwise system is version 8.0.1 running on NW 6.5 SP7.

If using just the tsafs does not fix the problem, would using updated SMDR and tsa files fix the issue with open files reported by the backup software?

Thanks in advance!