Does anyone have themselves or a link to a "minimalist" guide to imaging Windows 7 with ZCM? I'm a bit ticked at MS for how complicated they made the sysprep process in Win7 and have no sympathy for them not getting why Win7 business adoption is so slow when they completely rewrote the book and made things so much more complicated. Everything that I've found so far all seem to relate to MS Imaging and not much that I can find that I can relate to ZCM.

What I'm looking for in a "minimalist" guide is to to about Win7 imaging like XP. Create my source PC with all my applications and settings, run sysprep to have my volume licensing info applied at the restart... and when the computer shuts down I want to be able to send my image up to my server to pull back down to my systems.

I've been trying to use the WAIK tools and I'm at a loss even with the couple of blogs with 'how to' instructions. Things just aren't working how I'm expecting and I don't have a lot of time to invest in learning the new way to image. Any help or resources would be greatly appreciated.