I have no idea where to start with configuring ssl for smtp.
I know that I have to point to a certificate, but how do I create one OR can
I use one thats already present on my system.
Where do I find it?

I want to be able to send mail thru my gwia from my mobile device and our ISP has blocked
the 25 port on the mobile network. I don't want to use my ISPs SMTP just our own.

I konw I have to point to the certificate in GWIA properties
but as before - where do I point to and if I have to create a new certificate
How and where do I do it?

SLES 10 sp2/ GW 8 sp1 HP1

Thankfull for any help in finding an easy understood explanation/ tutorial.



PS. Yet no time to set up the mobile server but perhaps later this spring