I've been experiencing a problem with caching mode in that regardless of
the computer I try to run caching mode on with my account, the name
displayed is a completely different user's name. The name I'm refering
to is the one listed above the mailbox folder, and is essentially the
root of all of your folders. Normally it says "<my full name> Home"
When I run in online mode, the name is correct. I can change my name
in C1 and the change makes it's way into the online name display, but
does not make it's way to the caching mode name display. The odd thing
is that the user's name that is being displayed when I run the client in
caching mode is from a user that I had to login as using /@u-? a few
months ago. This occurs on any PC or Mac that I try to run the client
in caching mode on and any version of the client up through 8.0.2 hp1.
I've ran all sorts of database rebuilds and done registry searches to
try to find anything having to do with this one particular user's name
and I can't find anything. I've deleted the caching folder to try
to have it completely rebuild and it still uses this other person's name
every time. It doesn't seem to affect the operation of the client.
Email sent from me still says it's from me, but it's a bit disconcerting
to have this other person's name glaring out at me when I'm logged in as
myself. Has anyone seen this, and or have any ideas as to what I can do
to resolve this? We have very few users using caching mode, but my
account is the only one having this problem that I know of.