I have to say that the latest approach Novell has taken is just pushing me one more step back toward Uncle Bills kool-aid stand.
By not providing clear instructions for upgrading the server to allow for Windows 7 users, (I mean instructions that work) I've had to resort to the old days of picking through the internet looking for posts from others who have felt my pain.
I've followed several different TIDs and forum posts, contacted support (and been pointed back to the aforementioned TIDs) and am no closer to making iPrint an option for my Windows 7 users.
I just got used to having to use IE for every Novell management portal and now it seems IE8 makes things not work all of the time. Firefox comes along and saves the day until I get to the point of loading drivers and it fails at the last second too.
I used to be kind of proud that I could "beat" iPrint by working out an issue without having put in an SR. Now it's all I do. I don't have time to figure out what should be made easier by the development teams.

I'm going to place another SR tomorrow (when I can find a few hours to spare) and hope to have the issue resolved.

Novell, are you listening? This is the sound of your customers leaving......