I have an EMC AX4-5i ISCSI SAN that I bought for vmware.
I still have several Netware 6.5 SP8 boxes that aren't migrating for some time and would like to add some storage from the SAN.
The SAN docs have a small footnote stating that Netware is not supported for the 5i model.
That appears to be true because the iscsi initiator could connect but not activate the LUN presented.
The AX4 also shipped with Powerpath, EMCs software of accessing fibre AX4 units. After installing this I then had a disk driver that could talk to the Novell initiator and the AX4.
All worked brilliantly. I have been using it on a test server for about a week moving terrabytes into the iscsi without issue.
My Questions:
Is this a bad idea?
Should I heed the EMC footnote?
or If it works - go for it?