I am about to start migrating (server consolidation) files from a NW 6.5 SP8 server to an OES2 SP2 server and have a couple of points I would like to clarify before I get things underway.

1. Is it possible to do an initial migration of the data and then a subsequent migration of the same set of data that only picks up changes (additions, deletions, etc) at a later date?

2. In the migration tool guide (yep, I'm actually reading the documentation) section on migrating the file system there are a number of options that I am unclear on. Specifically:
a. File Options Tab there is a section for Home Directory Options. The notes say to type the path where you want to create home directories for the users being migrated to the target server.
b. Trustee Options Tab there are other "User" related options.

The implication is that we are migrating users from the source to the target. This was not my understanding. I just want to copy the data and trustee information. Users will have a drive mapped to the relevant location on the target server when they login to the e-Dir tree; I don't believe that they need accounts on the server as well unless they are actually going to login to the server itself, and we would LUM enable those who need this capability.

Is this correct?