And,, really can't say why/how.

Applied all applicable patches for NW6.5/BM 3.8 inc current betas.

Proxy.cfg used have been both Craig's and the one supplied with latest
beta release.

one site in particular seems to be a problem, ( a morning newspaper.)

After clearing the cache and/or unloading/reloading the proxy.nlm,
it seems to work.. But, next day,, site is completly dead.. nothing

Bypassing the proxy works,
unload/reload proxy works.

It was actually a couple of other sites besides the one above
that gave us grief,, but the one above is a 100% problem within a day
from reloading.

Bm3.8 /sp4 with patches, NW6.5/sp5,
Intel server, single CPU ( no HT), 2 cache drives NWFS/8kb blocks, no
long namespaces,etc,, 2 GB each.