I am note sure if this is the best place to post this. I am not even sure if
this is a BM issue but I'm stuck.

I have just upgraded my Small Business server from NW6.5 sp2 to NSBS 6.5 sp5
and the BM from 3.8 sp3 to bm38 sp4.
Since I did this upgrade I am getting intermittent disconnections when
access my terminal server from outside my LAN. I just use basic terminal
server (windows remote desktop) and use the BM generic proxy to forward port
3389 requests to my internal windows 2000 TS.

It seems to make no difference whether I have filters on or off.

In trying to determine a pattern the most thing I notice is that when I am
off site and minimise my TS window and do something else and then maximise
the window I get a black screen and eventually a message saying the remote
computer has lost its connection. On other occasions it will fine for a
good couple of hours or more.
I can be accessing my web mail from the same server and be fine but my TS
has simultaneously dropped off and the web mail stays connected.

Could this be something to do with BM? I'm having a problem accepting that
since all I did was upgrade it and everything else seems OK

The whole thing is connected to a DSL router. My DSL router firewall log
shows that it has detected/blocked a winnuke from various external IP
addresses. I would be leaning more towards that being a possible cause if I
could accept that this will impact only the TS and not other web services
hosted on the box.

Like I said, I'm posting here clutching at straws and just want to be sure
that is not likely to be the BM proxy or??